1. More Summer drawings

  2. Summer Train Drawings 


  3. maradraws:

    WARNING: ART RELATED POST AHEAD. read at ye own risk:

    "The problem with students today is that everybody procrastinates studies. Seriously. They go into assignments not really having planned anything out and having this constant stress.

    Your body gets adrenaline when it’s under this pressure-…

  4. Late night Doodles

  5. Doodles

  7. Sketchbook

  9.  I’ve started working on a film. One weird side effect has been that I’ve been drawing a lot more for fun. 

  10. 'Running' Animated Short from Luke Coleman on Vimeo.

    'Running' represents the dichotomy between the traditional method and the frenzy of technological. Created as a final project for an Italian Arts and Culture Course. The project compares the traditional Italy to the Futurist philosophy.